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SYTA Social

SYTA Socials are networking events where SYTA members and prospective members come together in a fun and relaxing environment to network and learn about the student and youth travel industry.

Socials are also a way for the local community to fundraise and give back through the SYTA Youth Foundation (SYF). The foundation provides travel scholarships and education programs to deserving youth.

SYTA Socials are typically 1-2 hours and may also be held in conjunction with a Student Travel Forum, an industry or educator tradeshow, or other events where the community recognizes the value of student and youth travel.

Typically the local organization sponsors or works with local partners to host the SYTA Social with a registration fee that goes to the SYTA Youth Foundation. Sponsors and event hosts are recognized in the SYTA and SYF community for their support.

For additional information or to host a SYTA Social, please contact Hazel Mejia, Senior Program Manager, at [email protected].

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Student Travel Forums

SYTA partners with members and destinations to host Student Travel Forums. The Forums are education and networking programs designed to educate attendees on the student travel industry. They may be from one to three hours long and often include a reception or food function based on the time of day.

Forum topics have included:

  • Student and Youth Industry Trends both domestic and global
  • Research and Data from SYTA’s Student and Youth Travel Digest Report
  • How to get your share of the student market
  • How to make your destination/attraction/hotel more student friendly
  • Understanding the international inbound student market
  • Building regional student business through educator market
  • How to leverage SYTA to grow your student business
  • Connecting your community to build student and youth product
  • Building student itineraries that match educational curriculum

Whether you are a tour operator or group travel planner working directly with educators, or a destination and its partners developing student product to grow their share of the market, the forums provide a way to inform and educate attendees as well as network with colleagues from the area.

Student Travel Forums have also been held within State Governor’s Tourism Conferences, State Hospitality Meetings and other meetings where SYTA can present research and data on the student market to help grow this business within a city, state or province.

Typically, the local organization sponsors or works with local partners to host the Student Travel Forum with a nominal registration fee to cover any additional expenses. SYTA asks that sponsors cover hotel and travel expenses for the SYTA speaker. SYTA will help market the session to local attendees and recognize the local sponsors within the SYTA community.

For additional information or to host a Student Travel Forum, please contact Becky Armely, Director of Operations at [email protected].


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