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Quick Fixes to Be More Socially Visible

Quick Fixes to Be More Socially Visible

June 6, 2019

Want to rise above the masses and make yourself more visible and reachable to your potential clients and groups?

Silly question, I know. As a tourism professional, you’re probably spending a significant chunk of time trying to do just that.

Fortunately, your social channels can do that for you—without too much effort on your part. These “quick fixes” for your social sites will help direct your clients on how to connect with you when they want to book group travel.

Love LinkedIn
What if your clients are simply Googling to find you online? Even if your name is John Smith, making sure you stand out in a Google search is easy when you have “the red-headed stepchild” of social marketing.

Create a personal profile on LinkedIn as an added opportunity for clients to find you on a Google search. Ensure each of your staff members updates their profile as well. Tell your professional story on LinkedIn! Don’t forget to show links to your other social sites.

Quick Fixes to Be More Socially Visible

Quick fix: Create a company page for your business! Ensure each of your staff members updates their profile to showcase your company page in their current work position. When done correctly, your company logo will show in each employee’s “experience” section.

Above and Beyond Your Social Overview
Overviews are everything! Imagine a potential new client finds you on Facebook, yet they really prefer to connect and converse on Twitter. Go overboard: Showcase links to your other social sites.

Quick fix: Pop over to your own “About” section and complete all the available boxes. That way, people know where else to find you so they can start building a relationship with you.

Quick Fixes to Be More Socially Visible

It’s all in the details! Add links to your own social and web sites.

Picture this: A writer from your local newspaper, TV station or radio station is poking around in your personal profile, trying to learn more about your professionalism while doing their due diligence for an upcoming feature. Providing all the details makes it easy for them to better understand if you’re a fit for their project. Wouldn’t you love to be found and featured?

Quick fix: Dive deep into your personal profile’s “Details about you” and tell your professional story. Don’t forget to include a link to your website.

Quick Fixes to Be More Socially Visible

Let your social sites work overtime for you. Go ahead: Let them do the heavy lifting by taking full advantage of all the opportunities to showcase your professionalism and earn more fans.

When you make the most of all these social site options to build stronger relationships, your professional presence will skyrocket. Give it a whirl! You’ll be doing the happy dance when a client says, “Wow! I found you online and would love to chat with you about group travel!”

Catherine HeegWritten by Catherine Heeg, an international speaker and trainer who focuses on social media marketing strategies for the tourism and hospitality industry. Join the conversation and connect with her at and socially.