SYTA Summit is a unique networking hiatus for student group tour operators and key industry partners to connect and recharge during a three-day, immersive learning experience. Since 2014, SYTA Summit has inspired more than 700 participants—95% of whom say they plan to attend again.

In January 2020, SYTA Summit embarks to the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. Rich history and culture, exceptional food, pristine beaches, majestic mountains, relaxation, adventure – all packed into one sun-kissed Caribbean paradise perfect for student and youth traveler aficionados.


The SYTA Summit leverages peer-engagement to increase connections between great ideas, trends and real-world scenarios, to find solutions that you can use to prepare your business for the future.

Over the course of three days, you’ll be inspired and challenged by a line-up of engaging speakers and successful industry leaders from diverse backgrounds who will offer thought-provoking points of view on new and old issues.

SYTA offers this experience as a respite from your work so that you may sharpen your skills, reflect and rejuvenate.

It’s time to enhance your leadership journey and reinvent your business:

  • Navigate emerging trends and adapt to new environments, barriers, and opportunities.
  • Accelerate your success with breakthrough ideas and challenge your leadership vision, knowledge and abilities.
  • Energize your personal leadership journey through powerful conversations, real-time collaboration and high-level discussions in roundtables with peers.

Cultivate your network of senior executives willing to hold real conversations with you and share their experiences.

Steve Maehl, Global Travel Alliance

It was over ten years ago that I attended my very first SYTA event at the 2009 Summit. I learned a lot, and made new friendships, but what impressed me the most was discovering an organization that desired to come together to collectively improve our industry and continually works together to change young lives for good through travel.

Tara Hippensteel, Director of National Tour & Travel, Hard Rock Café

SYTA Summit provides an unique opportunity to get up close with my SYTA partners and many of our buyers. The environment lends itself to a causal, natural environment – no pressure just building my network!

Kara Mihalevich, President, Adventure Student Travel, LLC

To me, SYTA Summit is the most valuable conference that I attend. I always find the educational seminars very useful and because it is a smaller, more intimate conference, you get to build a much deeper relationship with the sponsors. This is also the only conference that I have ever really had the opportunity to get to know other attendees. I absolutely LOVE SYTA Summit!

Dr. Michael A. Mazzarisi, President, Performing Arts Consultants

The best part of a SYTA SUMMIT is that it provides the opportunity for travel professionals to meet in a conversable setting without the pressure of a 7 minute meeting or have to deal with the barrage of conference masses. Every tour operator has unique abilities, and since I am a big proponent of partnerships, SUMMIT becomes an ideal network to forge plans for new and exciting joint ventures.