Steel Vengeance

Back with a Vengeance: An Inside Look at Cedar Point’s New Coaster
February 28, 2018

Student groups heading to Cedar Point for performance opportunities or lessons in physics, science and engineering will have another thrill ride to conquer. Cedar Point is breaking records—again—with the world’s tallest, fastest and longest hyper-hybrid roller coaster. Steel Vengeance opens spring 2018.  Tony Clark, Director of Communications at Cedar Point, offers an inside look at […]

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2018’s Revolutionary Roller Coasters
October 5, 2017

Now that we know what’s becoming of Cedar Point’s Mean Streak, it’s time to look at the lineup of other new roller coasters that will break the skyline in 2018—and a few records, along the way. Twisted Timbers In the spirit of reincarnating favorite wooden roller coasters, Kings Dominion in Doswell, Virginia, is converting Hurler into hybrid. Twisted Timbers will use […]

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