Student Travel Barometer Sneak Peek
February 26, 2021

Every year, SYTA works with BONARD to create the Student Travel Business Barometer, the only data resource of its kind for domestic and international student group travel. This year, the full findings will be presented at the Global Forum on Student Travel on March 24, which you can register for here. For now, SYTA wanted to share […]

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7 Ways to Connect with Group Leaders
February 10, 2021

Think about some of your most memorable student groups. What was it exactly that made them stick in your brain? Was it a story or a picture from their travels that they shared with you? Maybe it was the heartfelt thank-you email you received after helping them out of a jam? Unique interactions can help […]

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Transformation Through Service
January 19, 2021

Student travel exists to make the world a better place, and Felice Prindle exemplifies that mission as a school counselor in upstate New York. Leading her students at Bloomfield Central Schools—not too far from Rochester—Prindle is brave, motivated and passionate. Despite being a fairly small school system, with a graduating class of around 70, Prindle […]

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Roundtable Recap: Talking Travel with Educators
December 15, 2020

Everyone is eager for school travel to return, and educators are at the top of the list. Bonding with students, watching them grow, visiting distant places—it’s the educator’s dream. That passion came through recently in two roundtables with educators around the country, hosted by SYTA. They discussed their hopes, fears, unique situations, and what operators […]

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Roundtable Recap: Discussing the Past, Present and Future of Student Travel
December 4, 2020

The year’s end is often a time for reflecting on the recent past and looking forward to the future. And in 2020, there may be more to ponder than ever before. SYTA has been diving deep into these issues as everyone in the travel industry works together to navigate through the Pandemic. We are hosting […]

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