Key Messages for Teach & Travel

  • Teach & Travel is the most comprehensive resource center for educators who plan, authorize and implement group student travel.
  • Teach &Travel is dedicated to helping educators understand the issues, trends and insights into the social and educational benefits of student travel throughout the world.
  • The Teach & Travel website,, provides information and tools to make the process of organizing student trips easy, convenient and safe.
  • Teach & Travel directs teachers to specialist student tour operators who help mitigate risk in travel planning.
  • Teach & Travel partners with the Student Youth Travel Association ( SYTA), whose mission is to provide life enhancing travel experiences for students and establish quality and safety standards for travel providers.

Why Use a Tour Operator to Arrange Student Travel?

  • Focus on logistics and partner with educators to enhance educational outcome. 
  • Are trained in health and safety operations and procedures. 
  • Save travel planners time, money. 
  • Have access to and relationships with Teach & Travel student travel product providers. 
  • Understand liability issues associated with student travel. 

Why Use a SYTA Tour Operator?

  • SYTA members are stewards of your travel funds
  • Trained in risk management.
  • Vetted and certified. 
  • Participate in continuing education.
  • Practice transparency in financial arrangements. 
  • Focused and trained on health and safety. 
  • The majority can recommend travel insurance options.
  • Members are educated on issues, trends and conditions specific to student travel.
  • Operators can access special rates and access to travel products through long-term relationships, bulk purchasing contracts.
  • SYTA is an international association committed to the advancement of the industry, professional and personal development. 
  • Members are education and committed to DEI in their own businesses and in the student travel industry. 
  • Members are promoting increased sustainability in their own operations and in the destinations they visit and with suppliers they use.