Motorcoaches and Chicago

Many SYTA members have sent e-mail to the organization, regarding local issues affecting student travel in Chicago. SYTA is working with a coalition in Chicago to address a local business ordinance that may affect school buses and motorcoaches in downtown Chicago. Overly broad amendments to Chapter 9-114 of the Chicago “Party Bus” Ordinance threaten Chicago’s […]

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Unlock America’s Vacation and Boost Leisure Travel

Americans aren’t taking vacation like they used to. For decades, Americans took an average of 20.3 days of vacation each year, but the numbers fell in 2000 to an average of 16.2. The good news? Vacation is on the upswing, with an average of 16.8 days used in 2016 Yet that’s still 662 million unused vacation days […]

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Travel Is Still Possible for Students, Under Recent Cuba Sanctions

Travel to Cuba has been turbulent since the Obama administration opened travel possibilities in December 2014. Most recently, the Trump administration imposed additional sanctions on travel, effective November 9, 2017. Yet travel to the island nation is still legal and United States tour operators can continue to run trips, with restrictions. The Cuba sanctions make […]

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5 Things You Might Not Know About SYTA

As the newest SYTA President, I thought it would be fun share a few facts about how SYTA came to be. Here are five things you might not know about SYTA: SYTA has had a strong leadership foundation, with just three executive directors, since inception: Michael Palmer, Claudia Mansfield-Sutton and Carylann Assante. SYTA was formed […]

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Allied Response to NPS Fees

In a letter sent to Secretary Ryan Zinke, SYTA and Allied Associations have responded to the National Park Service proposal to raise fees. SYTA members are encouraged to share this letter with their teams.

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