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To be the global source for data that drives and informs the student travel industry.

Our Mission

SYTA conducts independent quantitative research to provide global evidence of the size, trends, and importance of student group travel, and measures the social impact of travel on students and youth. This information assists our members in achieving data-driven strategies for building their businesses.

SYTA offers research reports that reflect the needs of its members and the student group travel industry.  Research is supported through the financial support of members, strategic partners, and sponsorships. If you would like additional information, a customized report, or a webinar on student group travel, please get in touch with [email protected].






2023 Student Travel Business Barometer

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Student Travel Business Barometer Executive Summary

The 4th annual edition of the Student Travel Business Barometer, the only annual quantitative data resource of its kind for domestic and international student group travel includes trend data for previous years and provides forecast data on the coming year.  The Business Barometer also provides an analysis of trends and industry growth from 2019 through 2022.

SYTA members will receive priority access to the full Business Barometer by email. If you did not receive the link to the full report, please contact [email protected].

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Student & Youth Travel Digest (SYTD) Overview

SYTA’s landmark study was designed to cover the broad range of the student travel industry and balances today’ needs with future-focused programs designed to help student travel providers.

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SYTD Social Impact At-a-Glance

A Summary of the social impact results to the Student & Youth Travel Digest .

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SYTD Social Impact Report (Part 1)

An indepth look at the social impact student travel has on young people.

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SYTD Teacher Overview

This report introduces an analysis of U.S. student group travel as organized and led by teachers. The research not only identifies travel specifics, but also quantifies the roles of different actors (teachers, group leaders, parents, students, tour operators, etc.) in organizing school trips.

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SYTD International Overview

This report delivers comprehensive insight into inbound student group travel to the U.S. and aims to delve into its distinctive characteristics, which often vary considerably from domestic tour specifics.

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SYTD U.S. Tour Operators Overview

This report, which presents inputs from U.S. tour operators, concludes the first edition of the Student & Youth Travel Digest. The previous issues analyzed student group travel and its characteristics, as reported by U.S. teachers and international tour operators.

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SYTA Research Digest

A quarterly newsletter aimed at educating stakeholders on new and emerging research related to the student travel industry.

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Top Destinations

Seeking a great student travel destination? Annually, Teach & Travel shares with educators the Top 10 Student Travel Destinations in the United States, North America, and Internationally. See who made the list this year!

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Youth Education Travel

SYTA, the premier association of businesses dedicated to providing life enhancing travel experiences to students and young people, endorses all local, national and international efforts to improve the quality of student travel.

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