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SYTA, the premier association of businesses dedicated to providing life enhancing travel experiences to students and young people, endorses all local, national and international efforts to improve the quality of student travel.

On a global level, SYTA engages with international organizations to develop, promote and advocate for safe, professional, group student travel across all sectors.

At the state level, SYTA encourages any measures that support healthy competition among all qualified student tour operators, particularly of SYTA members.

SYTA is committed to providing the highest quality standards and creating a culture of safety among its members for the benefit of its travelers.

Economic Impact of Student Travel


Student Industry Research

SYTA helps shape policy by providing research that informs industry through the Student and Youth Travel Digest.


Center for Student Travel Safety

The Center for Student Travel Safety (CSTS) was founded in October of 2015 to help travel organizations address the challenges faced when traveling groups of students domestically or internationally. Learn more.

SYTA Youth Foundation

SYF strives to provide access to travel opportunities for the maximum number of young people that would otherwise be unavailable due to family economic hardship, budget cuts in school systems or simply lack of access to or education about travel as a learning experience. Learn more.