The Certified Student Travel Professional (CSTP) designation adds an additional level of professionalism in the student and youth travel industry. It is also intended to raise the awareness of student travel as a unique business segment. When you complete the program, you will receive a designation which will allow you to be recognized throughout the student travel industry as a professional specialist.

A CSTP designation will provide you with additional credibility among your peers and your clients. You will acquire specific knowledge of the student and youth travel industry as well as sharpen your business skills and increase basic knowledge. Training exercises will also give you the opportunity to spend time focusing on challenges and opportunities facing your organization.

“New” CSTP Certification Program launching in January 2020

SYTA will be launching a new CSTP certification program to meet the needs of today’s student and youth travel professionals. The CSTP requirements are changing to incorporate standards in the CSTO program and to offer CSTP applicants more flexibility in selecting courses to meet certification.

Please Note: Candidates already enrolled in CSTP and taking the IUPUI courses in 2019 and Spring 2020 will still receive their CSTP certification in August 2020 under the current requirements. Candidates who are enrolled but have not taken IUPUI courses in 2019 are encouraged to wait until the new requirements are available in December 2019. The new requirements will allow candidates to take courses from a variety of associations and continuing education providers.

CSTP will continue to recognize the IUPUI courses, as long as ABA offers IUPUI for the CTIS program.

The new CSTP program will require recertification of all CSTP’s every three years.

CSTP’s who have received their certification prior to December 2019 will be eligible to attend a special recertification program at the 2020 Annual Conference in Winnipeg, MB on Friday, August 14, 2020.

For additional information, please contact Katy Summers, Director of Education and Certification, at [email protected].


Three “Fundamentals of Business” courses through IUPUI (Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis). Same program as American Bus Association’s CTIS. $229/course. 20% discount if register for all three at one time. 2020 Courses will be announced before December 31, 2019.

Two Required courses – choose from three

  • Customer Service
  • Promoting Your Business
  • Business Grammar and Writing

One Elective course – Choose from four

  • Effective Advertising
  • Running a Business: Understanding the Numbers is Step #1
  • Personal Organization & Effectiveness
  • Igniting Your Effectiveness

Click Here to Register for IUPUI Courses  For questions regarding IUPUI courses, please contact Shohn Beeson at [email protected] or 317-278-5901.

Three Face-to-Face SYTA Events- SYTA Conferences and/or SYTA Summits

Minimum of 3 face-to-face education sessions at SYTA Conference or SYTA Summit. Sign-in required.

Six SYTA Educational Webinars 

Up to 3 previously recorded webinars can count towards the 6 required. At least 3 must be attended live.

Must complete post webinar survey if viewed live or webinar attendance form if viewed online.

Three Industry Volunteer Actions

These may include volunteering at SYTA Annual Conference, SYTA Summit or serving on a SYTA Committee/Board for one year.
Volunteer actions must be 3 different events or committees.

One Written Essay

Essay must be a minimum 500 words on any subject that helps the participant gain a better understanding of the student and youth travel industry and improves their general knowledge of the industry.


CSTP Program Registration is $295 for SYTA Members and $585 for Non-Members

To learn more about the CSTP program or to enroll, please click here.

For additional information on the CSTP program, please contact Katy Summers, Director of Education and Certification at [email protected].


CSTP Graduates

Congratulations to our current 2019 CSTP Graduates. These candidates were recognized at the 2019 SYTA Annual Conference:

Kimberly Lynn
Director of Tourism
Visit Goodlettsville
Marisol Pena
Regional Sales Director
Silver Hotel Group
Jane Tougouma
Group Tour Sales Manager
Destination Cleveland

SYTA Recognizes all CSTP Graduates!

Alex Urdaneta
Brian Carr
Carey Randall
Cindy Richardson
Cindy Thomas
Colleen Palmertree
Corinne Grubar
Cyd Antang-Plotkin
Dana Romanello
Donna Adam
Greg Dotson
Greg Shipley
Heather Jones
James Coggin
Jara Haas
Jennifer Bareis
John Icabone
John Krish
John Marshall
Justin Shuler
Kara Mihalevich
Kendra Dolton
Kenneth Wooten
Kevin Streit
Kim Burger
Kirk Troen
Kristy Merritt
Lenni Neimeyer
Lindsay Hill
Lisa Scalzo
Lori Scott
LouAnna Henton
Marc Reiter
Marie Enriquez
Marie Martin
Melissa Ardales
Melinda Strickland
Melissa McClure
Michelle Thomson
Mimi Vielhauer
Nanette Mickle
Neal Sutton
Pam Kruseck
Renee Eichelberger
Robin Parker
Roxana Rivera
Ruthann Crust
Sandi Kerth
Shannan Carter
Shelby Moody
Shelly Cole
Shirley Davis Conner
Tim Branson
Tish Losure
Tracy Francis
Urte Land
Victoria Jones
Wendy Snelson
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