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SYTA has a fundamental responsibility and commitment to provide the highest standards of safety for providers of student travel to ensure every student and young traveler enjoys the safest travel experience possible. Our safety mission is to instill confidence in our travelers by establishing quality and safety standards for travel providers, and we empower our members through advocacy, education, training, and networking opportunities.

The SYTA Safety Commitment was created in 2019 to elevate SYTA’s position in the student travel market – nationally and internationally — as the respected thought leader in establishing the highest standards in student travel. The reason…to fill a void in the industry for credibility, education, accountability, and advocacy for student travel safety.

It is our goal to create a more inclusive membership of companies and individuals who are committed to safety in student travel. In doing so, we will self-regulate our industry by providing the needed methods for evaluation and selection of the highest quality, most professional, and educated tour operators and travel providers specializing in student travel. SYTA’s certification programs educate student and youth travel providers in the administration of safety and risk management processes and provide customers with information to understand the products and services they are buying from their travel providers.

Safety Standards
This is an overview of the standards that need to be met in order to earn certification status as a Certificated Student Travel Organization. Detailed information is available at
Safety Guides
SYTA creates a culture of safety planning and crisis readiness by establishing safety standards, providing planning resources, training and education for its members.
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