Safety Guides

Crisis Communications Planning Guide (CCPG)

In addition to responding during a crisis, organizations need to communicate effectively with their clients, the public, and their teams. The Crisis Communications Planning Guide helps travel organizations prepare their own individual plans for responding during an emergency or unexpected event. The guide is available to SYTA members at my.syta.org.

SYTA International Safety Resource Guide (ISRG)

The SYTA Safety Committee and International Committee developed a guide for addressing the unique circumstances of planning for safety and incident management while traveling internationally. The guide is available to SYTA members at my.syta.org.

SYTA Crisis Response Planning Guide (CRPG)

With all the current events happening around the world, it has never been more important for student and youth travel organizations to have effective Crisis Response Plans.  The Crisis Response Planning Guide is designed to support student travel organizations in building effective crisis response plans. The guide is available to SYTA members at my.syta.org.

Bon Voyage!

A legal and policy-making guide for school boards on international student travel.

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Safety Resource Guide

This guide has been developed to provide ideas for addressing many of the challenges associated with traveling with students and youth.

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Motorcoach Brochure

Successful travel by motorcoach is the result of diligent planning, thorough investigation, timely updates and experienced negotiations. Learn about the facts related to motorcoach companies, driver’s hours of service requirements, new driver coercion rules, and more.

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