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The student travel industry is always evolving. To lead the industry and serve as the “Voice of Student and Youth Travel®”, SYTA is on the forefront of member education, advocacy and resource support. SYTA is committed to helping our members, parents and teachers enable kids to travel and to provide the safest and most educational experience possible.

Travel with a SYTA Approved Tour Operator

Many teachers have witnessed first-hand how student travel has built self-esteem, independence, tolerance and cultural understanding, and celebrate it for breaking down barriers to a student’s personal, educational and social development. In this research from the SYTA, teachers report how travel impacts students.

Travel Matters Toolkit
You know that travel is part of a complete education, but the preparation can be overwhelming. Here are some resources to help you through the process!
Crisis Management
SYTA advocates, educates and builds a culture of crisis, safety and terrorism preparedness among SYTA membership.
School Board & Education Policy
SYTA values its partnership with educators, school administrators, and parents to provide the highest quality and safest educational experiences for student and youth travelers.
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