Roundtable Recap: Discussing the Past, Present and Future of Student Travel
December 4, 2020

The year’s end is often a time for reflecting on the recent past and looking forward to the future. And in 2020, there may be more to ponder than ever before. SYTA has been diving deep into these issues as everyone in the travel industry works together to navigate through the Pandemic. We are hosting […]

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9 Ways to Shape Your Future
December 3, 2020

Fast forward 10 years—it’s now 2030, and the students on your current group tours are adults. Let’s just imagine what we’ll be saying as we look back on 2020. How would you complete this sentence: “Back in 2020 I accomplished ____________ .” Right now, you have the power to position yourself for the future and […]

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Research Finds Flying Is Low-Risk
November 17, 2020

There seems to be a common misconception among the public that air travel is a high-risk activity when it comes to COVID-19. However, new research from the Aviation Public Health Initiative—a project of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health—indicates otherwise. Phase one of its ongoing research on strategies and practices to reduce the […]

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The Past, Present and Future of Student Group Travel
November 13, 2020

Looking Back and Forward with SYTA and BONARD In 2019, SYTA and BONARD joined forces to create the Student Travel Business Barometer, tracking the industry at its healthiest. The Barometer’s original intent was to create a baseline for student travel, showing how the industry was growing during its most successful year yet. With responses from […]

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Skills Travel Professionals Will Need for Recovery
November 4, 2020

Those in the travel industry are faced with challenges unlike any that have been seen in the past. In addition to adapting to changes brought on by the current pandemic, travel professionals are having to build a new set of skills to best serve travelers and their evolving needs. New research from Amadeus outlines key […]

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