The Student & Youth Travel Association (SYTA) is here to help provide your business with resources and guidance to navigate these uncertain times. We continue to provide virtual education opportunities and crisis communication toolkits and a variety of support to our members to help grow and resolve the complicated issues that have resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic.


SYTA Offers Membership Options Based on Your Business Needs

SYTA recognizes that today’s student travel companies are changing to meet the needs of their customers and the market. Many SYTA members provide customized group travel experiences direct to the customer as well as providing services to other SYTA members as a Receptive Tour Operator or Supplier.

Dual membership applies to companies that meet all the criteria of both an Active and an Associate member. This may be a tour operator that provides customized tours to student groups and also serves as a receptive tour operator for a destination or a transportation company that also provides customized group travel services to its customers.

Dual members receive a special membership rate and may attend the Annual Conference as a Buyer and a Supplier.


Annual Dues

Dual – New Member!

$1,245  Annual Member Dues
$50  Optional Donation to the SYTA Youth Foundation
Total US $1,295 




Code of Ethics

All members are committed to professionalism and integrity in student and youth travel. All companies adhere to SYTA’s Purposes, Goals, and Code of Ethics.


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