Anniversary Celebration

In 2022, SYTA celebrated Twenty Five Years of Student Travel.

Over our rich history, SYTA has grown, the industry has evolved and we’ve impacted the lives of students everywhere. It is our goal to celebrate the people, our impact and history over the next year. We also know that many of our members will celebrate milestones of their own and we encourage you to share those with SYTA staff at [email protected] so we can celebrate these amazing accomplishments together. In the meantime, take a look at some of the meaningful ways SYTA has impacted our members.

SYTA has and always will be a community rich with passion and purpose. We have been through a lot, but our relationships stand strong and the industry continues to flourish. Enjoy these video’s of our rich and robust history!

Thank you to the individuals listed below for their leadership over the past twenty-five years. Your commitment, dedication, and passion for our association is evident in the growth we’ve seen. Without you, we would not be where we are today. Thank you for paving the path towards to the future!

Past SYTA Presidents

Adele Youngs,  Live Travel & Tours, 2021-2022
Steve Maehl
, Global Travel Alliance, 2020-2021
Urte Land, AdvantEdge Tours, 2019-2020
Justin Shuler, Group Travel Network, 2018-2019
Marc Reiter, Unique Tours & Travel, 2017-2018
Michael Grueninger, Grueninger Music Tours, 2016-2017
Terry Valentine, Valentine & Associates, 2015-2016
Andy Davidson, Retired, – 2014-2015
Michael Bowers, Travel Safety Solutions, 2013-2014
Shannan Carter, LIVE Travel & Tours, 2012-2013
Bud Geissler, Group Collect, 2011-2012
Patrick Connor, Merlin Entertainment, 2010-2011
Kirk Troen, Animado Events, 2009-2010
Joh Krish, 2008-2009
Nancy Reiter, Unique Travels & Tours, 2007-2008
Greg Shipley, Academic Travel Services, Inc., 2006-2007
Nicole Asquith, 2005-2006
Judd Gerber, Gerber Tours, 2004-2005
Doug Ellison, Ellison Travel & Tours, 2003-2004
Greg Moore, 2002-2003
Bryan Cole, Super Holiday Tours, 2001-2002
Neal Waldman, iWaldman College and Academic Consulting, 2000-2001
Ripley Hunter, Worldstrides, 1999-2000
Earl Grossman, Worldstrides, 1998-1999
Bruce Bitnoff, 1997-1998

SYTA Youth Foundation Past Chairs

Debra Borgwardt, 2021-2022
Robin Parker
, Kaleidoscope Adventures, 2020-2021
Barbara McCormack, Newseum, 2019-2020
Bud Geissler, Group Collect, 2018-2019
Bruce Rickert, Peak Performance Tours, 2017-2018
Sheelagh Wylie, Love Great Britain, 2016-2017
Eric Marshall, Universal Orlando, 2015-2016
Kirk Troen, Animado Events, 2014-2015
Denise George, Receptively Yours, 2013-2014
Kevin Herlihy, Travel Insured International, 2012-2013
Kerry Montgomery, 2011-2012
Marie Martin, LEAD USA, 2010-2011
Kasie Smith, Serendipity Media, 2009-2010
Bob Hofmann, Broadway Inbound, 2008-2009
Jill Gleason, 2007-2008
Keith Snode, Kaleidoscope Adventures, 2006-2007
Bryan Cole, Super Holiday Tours, 2005-2006
Neal Waldman, iWaldman College and Academic Consulting, 2004-2005
Cindy Brown, Boston Duck Tours, 2003-2004
Ripley Hunter, Worldstrides, 2000-2003