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(After 4/8/2022)
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Tour Operator/Buyers Taking Appointments*
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Tour Operator/Buyers Rotating/Sharing Appointments $555
Tour Operator/Buyer NOT Taking Appointments $555
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Tour Operator/Buyer Taking Appointments*
Buy 1, Get 2nd registration complimentary
Tour Operator/Buyers Rotating/Sharing Appointments
Tour Operator/Buyers NOT Taking Appointments

Appointment Taker: Designated as the primary contact for one book of appointments with suppliers of products and services (hotels, restaurants, destinations, etc.). Each company may have more than one book of appointments.

Important note: A book of appointments consists of 100+ potential appointment slots filled with suppliers. Only those tour operator attendees committed to meet with all their pre-scheduled appointments should register with this rate.

Rotating/Sharing Appointments: An additional tour operator/buyer sharing the one book of appointments. Each tour operator registered at this rate will have access to the appointment portal to share/rotate the one book of appointments.

Not Taking Appointments: Includes access to full conference but does not include access to business appointment portal.

Buyer is any business entity that conducts or arranges student or youth travel. This includes tour operators, receptive tour operators, group travel planners and travel agencies who want to meet with suppliers of student and youth products and services.

Buy 1, Get 1 Volume Tour Operator Rate: For every one appointment-taking attendee (one appointment book per attendee from the same company) from the same tour operator company, the company will receive one complimentary tour operator registration. They do not need to be an appointment taker.


*By registering as a Tour Operator/Buyer, you are agreeing to:

  • Each Tour Operator registered to take appointments receives their own book of appointments. One email address may be associated with each appointment book. You may share your book of appointments with a rotating/sharing appointment registrant or a non-appointment taker.
  • You must complete the company profile in the appointment portal prior to appointment requests opening.
  • You must attend all prescheduled appointments and be available at your booth throughout all business sessions on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.
  • Tour Operators not meeting these requirements will be invoiced an additional $375 USD.

*Membership Policy

SYTA Membership must be current through August 31, 2022 to receive member rate. Membership dues must be paid in full prior to August 1, 2022. If membership dues are not paid by August 1, 2022, registration rate may change to the non-member registration rate.

Cancellation/Refund/Substitution Policy

In the event SYTA must cancel the conference due to any unforeseen circumstances, SYTA will issue a full refund for paid registrations. SYTA is NOT liable for reimbursement of any expenses (included but not limited to transportation, hotel, food and beverage, incidentals) incurred by 2022 Annual Conference registered attendees as a result of the conference cancellation.

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Tour operators, receptive tour operators, group travel planners, travel agencies who receive and send students, youth, and school groups domestically and internationally.

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You may add additional tours or eventss to your existing registration at any time by:

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    • Registrant ID (located on your registration confirmation email). You do not need to enter in your confirmation ID.
  3. Click the ADD OPTION button

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