Saturday, August 15, 2020

Opening General Session

Members tell us that building relationships is the number one value of the SYTA Annual Conference.  

This year we are bringing everyone together to engage, connect and kick start those relationships with “Personality Poker” , led by Stephen Shapiro, Innovation Evangelist, Hall of Fame Speaker, Business Author, former partner at Accenture.  

More than 100,000 people in Fortune 500 companies in 29 countries around the world have played Personality Poker® to drive innovation and high-performing teams. 

Personality Poker® is an interactive game that uses specially created playing cards. They look like regular playing cards, with one exception: each card also has a word that describes particular behaviors such as “creative“, “analytical”, “organized” and “empathetic.” There are 52 cards with 52 different words. In Personality Poker, the suits, colors, and numbers all have meaning!

The goal is to trade cards with others so that you end up with 5 cards where the words best describe how you see yourself. You can also have others “gift” cards which gives you an idea of how others perceive you. Based on the suits, colors, and numbers in your hand, you will discover:

  • Your preferred innovation personality
  • Your innovation blind spots
  • The people who you need to complement your hand yet most likely will avoid
  • What is missing from your team that is limiting innovation and success
  • The culture of your organization and its impact on innovation
  • How others perceive you, and why any difference from your own perception can be damaging

…and much more

The Science

Even though Personality Poker® has been played by more than 100,000 people around the world and there was a mountain of anecdotal evidence supporting its value, one question remained: Is Personality Poker® truly valid? Stephen knew he needed an expert on psychological testing. That person was Michael Wiederman, professor of psychology at Columbia College in South Carolina. With Michael’s help, a series of surveys were created that were designed to provide the statistical proof. Analysis of the data revealed the multi-dimensionality of individuals and why people cannot and should not be labeled too rigidly. It also showed why the conversations that take place during Personality Poker® are one of the most valuable aspects of the process.