The SYTA Virtual Annual Conference welcomes all representatives from the global student and youth travel market to join us as we set a course for a new era of student travel.

In 2019, the student travel market represented $185 billion in tourism revenue in the U.S. Post COVID, student travel is expected to fully rebound and grow to unprecedented heights. When demand returns, student travel tour operators, group travel planners and business partners must be ready to answer the call.

The SYTA Virtual Annual Conference is the only showcase in North America where anyone who is passionate about promoting, selling, and providing travel experiences for students will find dedicated, insightful and actionable collaboration that will advance their student and youth travel business. The valued members of our community will come together to discuss where the industry is headed, reevaluate business practices and products to better meet evolving student travel needs, meet one-on-one with clients to discuss future bookings and make meaningful connections during networking events.

Attend the SYTA Virtual Annual Conference equipped to rebuild your student travel business.

SYTA Youth Foundation

The SYTA Youth Foundation (SYF) is the non-profit 501(c)(3) philanthropic sister organization of SYTA. SYF’s mission is to provide travel experiences for youth and students who would otherwise not have the resources to participate in those enriching and life-changing opportunities.



The Center for Student Travel Safety is a non-profit, independent C-3 organization, working in partnership with SYTA to administer and grant SYTA certification programs. SYTA certification programs (CSTO and CSTP) are intended to educate the student and youth travel industry on the administration of safety and risk management standards for student and youth travel. These standards and programs strengthen the industry and provide consumers with ways to understand the products and services they are buying from their student and youth travel providers.


Future Conference Dates

As we look to the future, SYTA is excited about offering both virtual and in-person programming for its members.


Anniversary Celebration

2021 marks the kick off of SYTA’s Twenty Five Years of Student Travel.