Brian Williams

Sales Trainer, Keynote Speaker, Author, Perspectivity

After 20 years in the Silicon Valley tech industry working/doing projects with companies like Cisco, Motorola, Google, and others across 13 countries, Brian noticed the worlds best products don’t always sell well, due to messaging or presentations lacking key scientific or psychological elements.

After seeing this problem repeatedly, he left, created a 6-step process, wrote a book on it, and started his own firm Perspectivity.  They provide Sales Messaging, Sales Conversation and advanced Sales Presentation Skills for clients such as AT&T, Citi, Amazon, and Cisco and they also target small businesses as they can make a significant impact in that market.

His experience and presentation style have landed him in corporate meeting rooms, multiple countries, and many stages including the Toastmasters World Championship semi-finals.

Today he brings his best to Growth Impact, and wants to begin with a quote…

“You can either step forwards into growth, or backwards into safety.”

This is my challenge to you as you hear this topic presentation.