Global Citizens Challenge


YOUR BIG YEAR ON LOCATION is a life-changing and inspiring program that teaches global acumen, employability and future ready skills to young people in partnership with grass root student organizations in Winnipeg.

With the support of SFY and in partnership with local organizations, we will bring these life-changing critical skills to Winnipeg, helping to build a future pipeline of talent in the travel and tourism space.  With the staggering statistics that 1 in 10 Winnipeggers are living in poverty, it is no surprise that the majority of these youth are likely to have never traveled. To help bridge that gap even more, we are having a panel that includes representatives from Tourism Winnipeg, Travel Manitoba and Indigenous Travel Manitoba, giving them a direct line to what is possible!

You can get involved! To bridge the gap even more, just like last year in Washington DC, we will bring a select group down onto the Trade Floor where they will be tasked to ask you questions and learn about what you do. This connection point is such a priceless moment to highlight the work you do everyday in helping more youth travel and for them to experience a professional setting in real life.


Urooba has been involved with many youth organizations in Winnipeg, Manitoba. For the past two years, she has been a leader in the YOUR BIG YEAR programs including working on projects for Microsoft and Lendlease, as well as earning her Make An Impact and Global Citizens Challenge Certificates.  Urooba is leading the charge to bring ON LOCATION to her community in Winnipeg.

``I'm beyond excited for YBY to come to Winnipeg!! I loved being a part of every virtual program and fireside chat session for the years I've been participating, and to have an in-person session means there are many more youth that can now have the opportunity to participate. Creating these necessary, accessible experiences for youth to be more involved in their world around them and pave their own way, is truly a remarkable opportunity.`` ~ Urooba


The Your Big Year program bridges academia to career through a skill-building and transformational experience for young people. Through interactive and engaging activities, young people learn critical life-long skills to help them see beyond their horizon and to succeed in any endeavor they pursue.

The program consists of workshops, learning and hands-on activities and can be run in different length formats from 1-5 days. Participants will:

  • Develop personal & professional development skills through interactive collaborative activities.
  • Articulate who they are and how to apply this to a networking setting.
  • Build an action plan to make an impact in their life and in their world.
  • Connect with peers from around the globe.
  • Learn about the UN SDGs and how they can make an impact.
  • Network with industry leaders

Your Chance to meet the youth! On August 18, there will be an opportunity to meet a select group of students on the trade floor who will be walking around with the task to ask questions and learn from you all.