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What’s New This Year

Bleisure Travel

Many people who need to travel on business are becoming bleisure travelers, a term used to define professionals who mix vacation — or leisure — time with business, according to CNN.

In fact, according to a BridgeStreet Global Hospitality report, 60 percent of travelers reported having taken bleisure trips, with 30 percent adding at least two additional days to their trip. Click here to view the full report.

Why add a few extra days?
Those that have done so say it helps them to work more effectively, takes some of the stress out of business travel and keeps them more relaxed while away from home. There’s also the added benefit of quality time with a significant other, increasing the amount of time road warriors can spend with family.

All the reasons outlined by US Travel’s Project Time Off.

SYTA understands this new way of traveling and appreciates the time attendees take from their personal time to attend the SYTA Annual Conference.


Attend the SYTA Annual Conference and become a Bleisure Traveler!

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