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New Attendees

Over 25% of the Annual Conference attendees are new members or first time attendees to the SYTA Annual Conference. Your first experience with SYTA matters. This is why you will find opportunities online and off to engage with SYTA members.

Plan ahead and review the schedule so that you can make the most of your first SYTA experience!


First time attendees may request a mentor to help them navigate their first SYTA Annual Conference.  The request is included as an option in your conference registration.

New Attendee Desk

Volunteers will be available at SYTA Central to answer any questions you have as a first time attendee and/or new SYTA member.

First Time Ribbon

New Members will have a blue ribbon. We encourage you to wear this at all times.

New Attendee and Membership Committees

Look for members of the SYTA Membership Development and Hospitality Committees who are there to help answer any questions you may have.

New Attendee Webinars

SYTA offers a series of Webinars to help attendees prepare for Annual Conference. These are designed for first time attendees, but anyone is welcome to attend.  If you miss attending these webinars live, we will post the link to the recordings.

New Attendee Tips

1. Take Advantage of Your Mentor

Mentors are assigned to new attendees to help navigate the SYTA Annual Conference.  If you would like a mentor or you requested one through registration and haven’t heard from them, please contact SYTA Staff at 703-610-1263 or [email protected].

2. Grow Your Network

There is no substitute for a quality network. It takes time to grow a personal network and if you’re advocating for your company, then community development is also ongoing. Participating in the pre-conference webinars, joining the Friday ice breaker and attending all the evening events is a “must” for new attendees.  View the information and webinars on our Webinars page.

3. Get Smarter

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, professional development is a sure way to be successful both personally and professionally. The education sessions will help you do your job better while providing additional time with buyers who value rate the education sessions as their number one reason for attending conference.

4. Talk About It

Visit SYTA’s engage page and get signed up for all the social media you can pre-conference, during and post-conference. Extend the value of your SYTA Annual Conference investment.

5. Share Smarts

The explicit purpose of attending conferences is to hear industry experts share advice and insights into topics that your business can benefit from. Collecting actionable tips, statistics and other useful information form conferences to share with your team, clients and other groups in your organization can multiply the value of one person attending an event. If multiple people attend, the value can be even greater.

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