Active Board of Director: Justin Shuler

Justin Shuler

President, Group Travel Network

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Please describe your experience as a volunteer within or outside the travel community.

I have personally volunteered with the SYTA organization for more than a decade including previous BoD and Executive Board participation. In addition, I have been active in volunteering within the Special Olympics organization both locally (Orlando), statewide (Florida) and with the USA Games.

Please describe your professional experience in the student travel industry.

I have been directly involved with the student travel industry for 25 years, building my own company from the ground up beginning in 2004. From a single employee-run organization to a double-digit staff that works with student groups around the world.

Please describe other professional or personal experience that would benefit you as a Board member.

As a previous member of the SYTA Board of Directors, with Executive Board experience during a pivotal transition period for SYTA, I believe I could bring stability, insight, and historical perspective to our industry’s rebuilding efforts.

Please describe why you would like to serve as a Board of Director (Active).

I am eager to assist an industry that I have literally grown up in as we rebuild the foundation that was rocked during the COVID-19 pandemic. I believe that the future is bright, and with the right efforts in place, we can learn, build and thrive for as far as we can imagine.

What do you see as the challenges facing the student travel industry? What can SYTA do to meet those challenges?

Rebirth, Reconnection, Rebuilding is a glaring challenge that is present for ALL members (Active and Associate). Staffing, education, leadership training, connecting members, advocacy at the local/state levels in key industry-leading states, government relations, and having a voice are all key necessities that would benefit all member companies.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with the Nominating Committee?

I thank you for considering my nomination and eagerness to join the Board of Directors for a new term, to assist with providing content, direction, and tools for all member companies to recommit to the success of our beloved industry.