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Announcing SYTA’s Member-Get-a-Member Campaign!

March 21, 2023

By recruiting new members to join the Student & Youth Travel Association (SYTA), you help strengthen our organization and the student travel industry.

Increased SYTA membership means increased recognition of the importance of student travel and enhanced opportunities for you. Share the benefits of SYTA membership with your colleagues through the Member-Get-a-Member Campaign and you could earn big rewards.

SYTA’s Member-Get-a-Member Campaign will run from now through July 30. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to earn money toward SYTA membership or event registration.

There is no better promoter of SYTA membership than you! We even make it easy for you – tell us whom you’d like to invite to join SYTA by emailing [email protected] and we’ll send your colleague an email that highlights SYTA member benefits and encourages them to join.

Recruiter Rewards

Recruit new members and you could earn!

Recruit one member: SYTA will hold a drawing and reward one recruiter with a $100 SYTA certificate.*

Recruit three (or more) members: Recruiter names will be placed in a drawing to renew one recruiter’s membership for two years (that’s an entire year free!)

Recruit the most: One member who recruits the most new members (five or more): will receive complimentary registration to the following year’s conference and recognition at the Annual Conference.

To be eligible for rewards, make sure your colleagues list your name in the referral section of the membership application.

How to Invite Colleagues to Join SYTA

  • Send an email to [email protected] and provide us with your colleague’s information. (Better yet, cc them on the email!) We will send them an email that highlights SYTA member benefits and encourages them to join.
  • Download the printable membership application, fill in your name in the referral section, and start handing them out!
  • If your colleague gets to the application first, make sure they put your name in the referral section.

Tips for Recruiting New Members

Recruiting new members is about sharing your membership experience with others.

Tip: Think outside the box – SYTA is not just a domestic organization – we serve international communities as well and have a new member category: International Affiliate.

Here are some suggestions to help you reach out to potential members and encourage them to join SYTA:

  • Call a colleague and invite them to join.
  • Publish an article in your company newsletter about why you belong to SYTA.
  • Share the benefits of SYTA membership.
  • Forward SYTA emails to your colleagues to let them know how much value they will get as a member.
  • Invite a prospective member to attend the Annual Conference with you.
  • Give a gift of SYTA membership to your colleague and sponsor a new member’s dues (or portion of their dues) for their first year.
  • Share social posts about why you belong to SYTA.
  • Introduce your colleague to a SYTA staff member or someone on the Board of Directors at a tradeshow.
  • Share a SYTA resource with them.
  • Invite a prospective member to attend an SYTA educational webinar.

*SYTA certificates may be redeemed for Conference registration, Summit registration or membership fees.

Any questions? Reach out to [email protected] and our staff will be happy to help you!