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Cool STEAM: Interesting Opportunities

Cool STEAM: Interesting Opportunities

January 16, 2019

While you’ve almost certainly heard of STEM, an updated acronym is being heard more and more often: STEAM. The “A” throws the Arts into the mix, thanks to an enhanced emphasis on the creative process and its importance in preparing the innovators, educators, leaders and learners of tomorrow.

Check out these cool STEAM opportunities for your students.

While visiting Ontario Science Centre, students could take part in various interactive science presentations in addition to many year-round educational exhibits. From learning the characteristics of electricity and delving into climate change, to being taught the importance of biodiversity and listening to professional scientists share their career stories, students will walk away feeling like a pro. At Liberty Science Center in New Jersey, students can visit the biggest planetarium in the Western Hemisphere and learn all about black holes.

Thrill Ride 360° at the Museum of Science in Boston gives students a chance to twist and turn like never before in dynamic simulators with full-motion, 360-degree pitch, roll and spin technology—complete with surround sound. They can jump into the pilot’s seat and control an airplane from takeoff to landing as they fly over famous local landmarks; they can design their own roller coaster and enjoy a fantastic adventure as students drop more than 100 feet and travel through loops and tunnels at record speed.

Universal Orlando offers up more than just serious fun. With hands-on learning and real-life excitement, Kongtrol Panel pulls students into the world of Skull Island: Reign of Kong™, where they use engineering principles to program simulated vehicles safely around tracks of varying difficulty. Students can also learn about the engineering principles of the 6 Degrees of Freedom and apply that knowledge to a hands-on analysis of TRANSFORMERS: The Ride – 3D. They’ll then use their new skills to reconstruct the ride vehicle’s motion sequences.

On the second Saturday of every month, AFA Art Gallery in Scranton, Pennsylvania, hosts a series of educational programs that include workshops, artist talks, and demonstrations from AFA exhibiting artists and artists in the community. Students can take in the art of illusion and the history of Harry Houdini at the Houdini Museum Tour and Magic Show. You never know where creativity will take you!

Students can fully immerse themselves in the thrills of Worlds of Fun in Kansas City, Missouri, while also learning how to apply mathematics to everyday activities—thanks to their various curriculum workbooks. Whether it’s calculating the angle of elevation of a rollercoaster or creating charts and graphs measuring the length of the wait versus the age of a selected ride, students are able to see their math skills come to life.

Written by Sarah Suydam, Staff Writer for Teach & Travel.

Photo courtesy of Liberty Science Center.

This article originally appeared in Teach & Travel.