Vice President: Steve Maehl

Steve Maehl

Vice President, Global Travel Alliance

Describe your experience as a volunteer within or outside the travel community.

I have served as a volunteer on various SYTA committees, SYTA conference, and most recently on the SYTA Board of Directors.  In addition I have volunteered at local schools, at our home church, and on service trips.

Describe your professional experience in the student travel industry.

I have worked in the student travel industry for 18 years. These roles have included, but not limited to: Sales director, reservations, operations, tour director and tour guide, operations manager, emergency response, staff management and training, international travel experience, and Vice President. In addition to serving on the SYTA Board of Directors I have served on the board of Global Doing Good.

Please explain why you would like to serve as SYTA Vice President.

SYTA has been a large part of my professional growth in the student travel industry through the numerous conferences and events and relationships that have developed as a result. I would like to give back and help grow an industry that has continually changed my life, both personally and professionally. I believe my experience in the industry and my time on the Board of Directors has helped equip me for this next role as Vice President.

What do you see as the challenges facing the student travel industry? What can SYTA do to meet those challenges?

Safety, liability, and efficiency.

I believe SYTA can help equip any size student tour operator with the tools they need to be successful. One thing I love about SYTA is that we are gathered around a single goal of advancing student travel, and together finding solutions to the many challenges we all face.