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More Americans—Including Millennials—Seeking the Expertise of Travel Advisors

More Americans—Including Millennials—Seeking the Expertise of Travel Advisors

October 11, 2018

According to new research from AAA, three-quarters of Americans would consider working with a travel advisor to plan their upcoming vacations—and the positive news doesn’t stop there. See why travelers of all ages are embracing the expertise of travel advisors.

Turns out, millennials are just as likely as baby boomers to utilize a travel advisor for planning their trips because despite continual advances in technology that allow travelers to plan and book vacations for themselves online, nearly 46 percent of Americans feel that working with a travel agent adds value to their trip. Why?

Save time.
Travel advisors can take the guesswork out of researching and evaluating the many options that are available to travelers, saving time and the hassle that often come with vacation planning.

Expert recommendations.
A knowledgeable travel advisor will make personalized recommendations and offer tips on destinations, what to see and do while on vacation, the best and worst times to travel, and much more.

They’ve been there and done that.
Travel advisors are often well traveled, having visited the destinations and experienced the vacations they recommend to travelers.

Reduce stress.
Travel advisors can help with all the details; advising travelers on everything from passport renewal requirements to recommendations for obtaining an International Driving Permit before traveling overseas—taking the stress out of the process.

Help with the unexpected.
Between weather delays, natural disasters, flight cancellations, lost luggage and much more, a lot can happen on vacation. Travel advisors act as the traveler’s advocate in the event something goes wrong, helping navigate the challenge of making any necessary itinerary changes.

“Whether it’s a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, first time overseas or an annual family getaway, travelers want to make the most of out of any trip and are relying on travel agents to ensure that happens,” said Bill Sutherland, senior vice president of AAA Travel.

Sutherland also said that although travelers today have a myriad of ways in which to book their vacations, they recognize the value of working with a professional and experienced travel advisor to make sure there’s a return on their travel investment.

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