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Savannah Welcomes Groups With Open Arms

June 22, 2021

Savannah has been dedicated to safety and combating the spread of COVID-19 since the start, and the Georgia city is now open and fully ready for group travel.

With the Savannah Safe Pledge, this region helped more than 700 areas take protective measures for health and safety. Now that vaccines have rolled out, visiting is even safer and more fun!

What’s New in Savannah?

Over the past year, plenty of new destinations rolled out despite the pandemic. The long-anticipated Plant Riverside District is an entertainment hub comprised of the J.W. Marriott Plant Riverside hotel, more than 10 eateries, an Ultimate Dinosaur Adventure, art galleries, live performance venues, two rooftop spaces and more!

There’s also a new food truck park, with live music, movie nights and outdoor games. Head to 3 Points Food Court for fun eats with your group. Or visit the Graveface Museum, with unique and macabre oddities and curiosities. There are also new restaurants and hotels to see and stay at.

Group Dining Options

Savannah is full of great options for groups, whether it’s dining aboard an old-fashioned riverboat, inside an elegant mansion, or by a dock on the water. Check out the best group dining spots here.

The Beach

Tybee Island has been a popular vacation spot for centuries, with beautiful beaches, outdoor activities, and most importantly: the new Tybee Island Marine Science Center. The center is perfect for groups, providing year-round programs for visitors on the beach, the marsh, the water and the classroom. Find more group travel information here.


Motorcoach Permits are still required while visiting the area, but you can easily obtain one through the Tricentennial Park Visitor Center or via Visit Savannah!

COVID Updates

Head to for more information on group travel, including COVID restriction updates here!

This story was written by Josh Veal, managing editor for Teach & Travel.