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SYF Endowment Fund Reaches $1 Million

SYF Endowment Fund Reaches $1 Million

September 18, 2019

Two things are central to SYTA’s work: changing young lives and raising funds. In 2015, the SYTA Youth Foundation kicked off a five-year campaign to have $1 million in the Endowment Fund. Thanks to the generosity of SYTA and SYF supporters, sponsors, and donors, that goal was officially reached! Every dollar, ticket, mulligan and auction donation counted toward reaching this important milestone in SYF history.

Reaching such a momentous achievement wouldn’t have been possible without several key players.

Travel Insured International decided back in 2011, when the Corporate Giving program was started, to donate a portion of their SYTA sales back to the SYTA Youth Foundation. As of this year, the company has donated more than $230,000.

Since the SYF Corporate Giving program’s inception, other organizations have come on board to support the efforts. Collectively, they have donated more than $400,000. Broadway Inbound generously donated the last $10,000 to meet the $1 million SYF goal, while Huntsville/Madison County Convention and Visitors Bureau helped make reaching that goal possible by generously hosting the 20th Anniversary Blastoff, attended by SYTA Members.

SYF looks forward to building on the generous Cedar Fair contribution of 20¢ from every ticket purchased by a SYTA tour operator in 2020 to help toward the new goal of further exceeding the $1 million mark.

Looking to the future, SYF will be able to provide more travel opportunities to deserving youth by growing to $100,000 the total money given to Roads Scholarships—a 30% increase in the coming year!

In addition, SYF formed a task force to work with financial consultants on developing a fiscally responsible policy that works to protect and grow this endowment, to further our mission and continued support of student travel for years to come.

SYTA members give to the cause and attend events. At a corporate level, many SYTA Member companies provide financial contributions. SYTA and the SYTA Youth Foundation thank them for helping make travel possible for students and youth.

Courtesy of Teach & Travel.