student safety

COVID-19 Considerations: Health and Safety on the Road
June 24, 2020

Tour operators, teachers, and group leaders should review specific processes and guidelines for traveling during a pandemic, especially those provided by official resources including local health departments and school boards. It’s also highly recommended they review the standard practices for when a student becomes ill on the road and sharing that information with parents in […]

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To Tee or Not to Tee, That Is the Question
May 23, 2018

Recently a colleague asked my opinion on the subject of students wearing team or uniform shirts and lanyards during travel. The question made me think back to all the energized conversations I have had over the years on this very subject. In most conversations, those who didn’t think uniform shirts were a good idea argued […]

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5 Safety Considerations for Hotels
February 14, 2018

Safety is a priority when students are away from home. Hotel selection should be made just as carefully as activities and attractions on the itinerary—with considerations beyond affordability and ambiance. Consider the following to ensure the highest level of safety and security for students. Night Security Is night security dedicated to the group? Is contracting […]

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Adventure Awaits in Central Pennsylvania!
February 7, 2018

ADVENTURE! The word itself grabs your attention and gets the heart pumping. It’s exciting—it conjures up images of overcoming the unknown, pushing through fears, or facing danger and conquering it. It’s human nature to crave the feelings associated with adventure. Looking back over a lifetime, adventure is the stuff that memories are made of. Our […]

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The World’s Safest Cities
December 6, 2017

The world has witnessed several acts of terrorism this year, and travelers are not immune to anxiety or fear. We know student safety is a top priority for teachers, chaperones and group travel professionals, yet safety and security within a destination does not always have a simple definition. The Economist offers insight with its recently […]

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