The Essentials of Student Travel


There are six modules with articles, videos, and tips from industry leaders who want to share their expertise with you.  Our next course starts on September 19th and registration is open now!  Going forward, this course will be required to  earn your CSTP.

The Essentials of Student Travel: A Foundation Course in Student & Youth Travel, was designed with the busy life of a Tourism Professional in mind! This course is designed for those that are new to the industry, need a refresher on different segments, or those that want to learn more about the industry. Throughout this six week course, you will experience the different segments of student travel. Inside each week’s lesson you will receive additional resources, tips and tricks, and invaluable information industry professionals. At the end of each section, you will have a short quiz you must pass in order to move onto the next section. The lessons are rolled out on weekly basis therefore allowing the student to complete the lessons at their convenience. Once you successfully complete the course, you will be able to download a Certificate of Completion and will receive an electronic badge!

The Essentials of Student Travel course will be required for anyone earning their CSTP and will grant you six education credits.

If you have any questions about the Essentials of Student Travel Course, please contact Katy Summers at [email protected].

We have our next session starting on September 19th! Be sure to register now and share this with others who would benefit from taking this course!

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SYTA Recognizes All Essentials of Student Travel Graduates!

Jerome Abaya
Zoey Allan
Lindsay Baleka
Dandi Barnes
Marianne Beale
Beth Beccone
Lindsey Bixenman
Danielle Bopp
Michael Bowers
Kim Burger
Lee Callicutt
Amy Cannon
Mary Carpio
Casey Cole
Shelly Cole
Kristen Collins
Dawn Coy
Patrick Craven
Tiffany Crow
Julie Dautrich
Jamie Davidson
Frank DeCosta
Jennifer Deutsch
Jordan Donohue
Renee Eichelberger
Marie Enriquez
Jennifer Fassina
Monique Ferreira
Jessica Frick
Rachel Funel
Nick Galante
Kitt Garrett
Rich Gilbert
Shannon Hartnett
Luciana Hernandez
Josh Hettinger
Raquel Hines
Nicole Johnson
Hildegarde Jones
Jane Jones
Jay Kalra
Heather Kanthak
Kai-Ti Kao
Rahul Katyal
Mahfudh Khamisi Omar
Becky Knight
Pam Kruseck
Rishi Kumar
Jennifer Laguna
Jeff Laird
Kaylynn Leaver
Jessica Ledbetter
Danny Lewandowski
Samon Lewis
DeeAnn Linton
Shari Lovett Solomon
Chris Martin
John Marshall
Denise Matthews
Tanya Mazingo
Tracey McCormick
Chris McKee
Kelsey McLain
Emily Michelin
Maxine Morrell-West
JoAnn Morris
Gauray Namit
Kimberly Natt
Tracey Neubauer
Jen Orkisz
Nereyda Orozco
Jennifer Orvis
Ilaria Pepe
Jordan Reeves
Bryan Rehkopf
Terri Rickard
Shannon Romein
Brad Rosenbaum
Jennifer Rosenbaum
Breyanna Ross
Kimberly Sauerwein
Andria Scarberry
Kristel Schipp
Kirsten Schuller
Trudy Scott
Edward Selznick
Gus Sheppard
Jana Smith
Julia Smyth-Young
Samantha Sommers
Mike Stoupa
Jane Streff
John Taylor
Tina Theodor
Sophia Thompson
Jonathan Turer
Jennifer Upshaw
Merry Ward
Rick Wendler
Heather West
Natasha Westerfeld
Madeleine Whelan
Tiffenni Wilkinson
Joy Tugwell
Louise Ross
Shelley Harris
Debbie Baker
Valerie Bedard
Anastasia Belashov
Courtenay Betts
Shannan Carter
Brianna DeOrsey
Heather Depew
Renee Eichelberger
Cheri Ewaskow
Marco Frank
Ted Goldenberg
Michelle Hern
Andrew Hicks
Lindsay Hill
Cindy Hinnebusch
Martha Kelley
Urte Land
Jing LIU
Steve Maehi
Jennifer McGregor
Marcie Outerbridge
Sarah Robinson
Sandra Rosenberg
Ismael Salaberri
Amie Shuler
Victoria Smith
Deirdre Steinfort-Rivas
Lisa Timmerman
Leslie VanGerwen
Mimi Vielhauer
Sandra Woloschuk
Stephen Himes
Penny Linton
Debbie Yantzi
Maried Echeverria
Stacy Millard
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