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This App Has It All

September 26, 2017

Apps, apps, apps! You have so many, there’s hardly room for one more!

There are many apps available that are useful for student travel. Apps for photo sharing, messaging, geo-tracking, and yet another to share documents.

You need them all for your trip.

But it can be confusing.

The solution? The Group Travel Video™ app.

This private app (no e-mails or phone numbers needed) allows your group to share photos from their trip, message individuals or the entire group, find where travelers are located on a map, and share documents.

You and the students are not the only beneficiaries of this app. Parents and administrators get to enjoy the photos shared by the travelers—seeing photos others have taken of their student having a good time and learning on their trip. This gives them peace of mind and comfort they are safe.

As the group leader, you have the ability to delete any objectionable photos. But this rarely happens, as the name of the person who shared the photo appears underneath it. So, for the class clown … Busted!

When the trip is finished, a keepsake video is made and delivered through the free app for everyone on the trip to enjoy. To make sure the memories do not go into the “digital wasteland,” everyone on the trip will also receive a permanent DVD of the video to last for a lifetime of memories. Simply put, it makes the trip real.

So, save some space on your phone. Simplify it all with the Group Travel Videos™ app solution! Contact your tour operator and ask to have Group Travel Videos added to your tour package. More information can be found at

Photo and information courtesy of PhotoVision.