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Tips for Working from Home

Tips for Working from Home

April 9, 2020

In this new normal of being home-bound, many of those privileged enough to be able to work remotely are adapting to be as productive as possible. Here are some tips for ensuring that working from home goes as smoothly as possible.

Put on an actual outfit.

Now I’m not saying put on your best power suit and heels, but following a routine of “getting ready” for the day will help you get mentally geared up to get work done. It will also provide some separation between work and downtime, even if both of those things are currently happening in the same place.

Create a specific office space.

This doesn’t have to be a grand set up! Simply dedicate a space in your home for working that ISN’T your bed—as tempting as it may be. Try to work near a window where there’s plenty of natural light and bring whatever makes you happy along, too—a houseplant, visually pleasing artwork, your pet’s bed/blanket, etc.

Adhere to a schedule.

Just as you’d normally form your day around a specific schedule, you should be doing the same during your time at home. This could mean starting your day by walking the dog, making coffee, and sitting down to start working at the same time. This also means NOT neglecting to take a proper lunch break to stay fueled and healthy. Starting and ending your work day on a set schedule provides much needed structure during a time when the days often blur together.

Get up and move!

This could be something as intense as a run around the neighborhood or simply getting up from your work station to make some coffee or tea. Just like when we’re in the office, sitting all day is never the goal. Be aware of your posture and if you catch yourself holding your breath or letting tension build up in your facial muscles—remind yourself to release them. Though this movement is subtle, the difference you’ll feel is substantial.

Keep your social game going (from afar).

Be sure to interact with colleagues on regular basis beyond just emails with phone calls or platforms like Basecamp, Slack, Teams, GoogleMeet, Zoom. Virtual happy hours are all the rage right now, so plug in at the end of the day and chat about non-work-related items. This could be a new recipe you’ve tried, a craft you completed over the weekend, or your thoughts on the latest Netflix documentary.

Written by Sarah Suydam, Staff Writer for eSYTA