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What Not to Wear: TSA Edition

October 5, 2017

When it comes to passing security, clothing can slow your groups down. Some accessories sound alarms; others merely look suspicious. To ensure smooth travels through Transportation Security Administration (TSA) airport screening lanes, consider asking your students to nix these from their travel outfits.

Loose Dresses, Skirts and Shirts
This includes maxi dresses and skirts. They’re dang comfortable and look pretty classy, but … What are they hiding under there?

Bulky Pullovers
Jackets and bulky pullovers are one and the same to TSA agents. You’ll either have to remove them or be patted down.

Bobby Pins
A few bobby pins tucking hair in place is OK, but too many could set off the metal detector. If students want to maintain their hair and skip the pat-down, ask them to fix their up-do after screening.

Cargo Pants or Shorts
TSA is serious about removing all items from your pockets—and if your students have a million of them, they’re bound to forget something.

Leggings as Pants
Leggings aren’t technically banned from flights, but make sure students are either wearing a long enough shirt or dress, or are actually wearing pants.

Metal Bracelets and Necklaces
Metal jewelry sets off the metal detector. As with bobby pins, ask students to put jewelry on after screening.

Passengers often forget to take belts off before passing through the metal detector. Students should either remove belts right away, or wear pants that don’t require the accessory.

Shoes That Are Difficult to Remove
Removing shoes to pass airport security has been standard procedure for years. Footwear with a lot of laces takes forever to get off and put back on.

Offensive Clothing
Wearing clothing with offensive messages or pictures could even get students kicked off a plane.

Courtesy of SYTA.