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Despite Concerns Due to World Events, Teachers Are Still Traveling

December 4, 2017

Terrorism. Racial tension. Government sanctions limiting travel. With the current political atmosphere and terrorism environment, the world has been living in a near-constant state of anxiety. The good news? Teachers have not stopped traveling with their students.

SYTA, in collaboration with MTD Research, conducted a survey on the travel habits of teachers over the past two years. The report found that 42.32 percent of survey respondents traveled with a student group in the past two years. Additionally, 33.7 percent intend to travel with a student group in 2017 and/or 2018.

Of the 57.68 percent who did not travel in the past two years, lack of financial resources and lack of time were cited as the two greatest barriers—the same barriers cited by the 66.3 percent who were either undecided or who did not intend to travel in 2017 and/or 2018.

The report also found that teachers traveling with student groups are more likely to travel and/or use a tour operator if they are part of a larger, higher-income school. Teachers from smaller, lower-income schools are less likely to travel and/or use a tour operator.

Travel has the ability to break down barriers and foster greater awareness and understanding. The Student and Youth Travel Digest reports that 79 percent of educators consider it a priority to increase the cultural awareness of students, and 56 percent believe travel positively impacts students in both their education and future careers.

What travel can do for students is nearly immeasurable. Despite concerns due to world events, teachers are still traveling with students.