Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs)

The Student & Youth Travel Association (SYTA) is here to help provide your business with resources and guidance to navigate these uncertain times. We continue to provide virtual education opportunities and crisis communication toolkits and a variety of support to our members to help grow and resolve the complicated issues that have resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic.


SYTA Recognizes DMOs For Support of Student and Youth Travel

SYTA values the membership of 100 plus Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs), Convention and Visitors Bureaus (CVBs) and Tourism Boards both nationally and globally. Membership is open to all official DMOs recognized by their respective governments from the smallest town to the largest country, including convention and visitor bureaus, regional tourism boards, state tourism offices and provincial tourism offices and national tourism boards.

DMOs play an important role in providing information, resources, and contacts to the SYTA community about their destinations and states. They advocate with SYTA to promote the value of student and youth travel to their communities and support the mission of the SYTA Youth Foundation.

SYTA actively promotes the role of DMO’s through business appointments, forums, panels, education and articles to the SYTA and Teach & Travel Community (Educators).

SYTA understands how important data and research is to DMO members and provides them with industry research to support their participation in the student market.

DMOs, CVBs and Tourism Boards apply as Associate Members and receive Associate Member benefits.


Annual Dues

Associate​ – New Member!

$500 One-time Initiation Fee
$945 Annual Membership Dues
$50 Optional Donation to the SYTA Youth Foundation
Total: US $1495

Associate​ Membership​ + Conference Bundle​ ​

$500 One-time Initiation Fee (waived with conference bundle)
$945 Annual Membership Dues
$1035 2020 Annual Conference Registration (1 appointment taker)
Total: US $1980




Code of Ethics

All members are committed to professionalism and integrity in student and youth travel. All companies adhere to SYTA’s Purposes, Goals, and Code of Ethics.