‘The Prom’ Takes Center Stage
July 31, 2018

Prom is a quintessential high school right of passage—so you can imagine the drama that goes down in a small Indiana town when some parents try to intervene and dictate who gets to attend. Learn new Broadway musical, The Prom, is the perfect laugh-out-loud show with a lesson for students. Four Broadway stars are in desperate […]

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Strengthened Accessibility in the Theater
June 26, 2018

Research has shown a trip to the theater or a Broadway show can benefit a wide range of people in lasting and unique ways that make a huge impact. But how can we ensure the performing arts are becoming more accessible to those student groups who previously may not have been able to enjoy them? […]

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Teaching the Brain, Heart and Courage of ‘Wicked’
November 1, 2017

Since its premier in 2003, Wicked has garnered worldwide attention and accolades for its storyline, music, set and costume design. “It’s a great show. The music is fun. It’s got a lot of spectacle. So many of us grew up watching The Wizard of Oz, and Wicked is very clever. People enjoy watching a take on a story they thought […]

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