Center for Student Travel Safety

What’s Your Plan B?
March 27, 2019

When leading students on travel at home or internationally, a well-developed plan for the adventure is required. What’s often overlooked is having plan B if plan A doesn’t work out. That backup plan addresses what to do when things go wrong. Converse with your travel organizer before your trip. You should know what support to […]

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Selecting a Hotel: Best Practices
October 2, 2018

Recently, a fellow SYTA Safety Committee member shared great ideas about what to consider when booking a hotel for student groups. Genie Stevenson is the Director of Sales and Partnerships at BookMyGroup, so I invited her to share best practices for this edition. Generally, tour operators seek common information when selecting a hotel: Availability on […]

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When a Student Needs Medical Attention While Traveling
June 26, 2018

What do you do when a student needs medical attention on a trip? The answer is complicated. For most of my student travel safety career, I have been responsible for knowing the correct response. The truth is, different situations call for different approaches. As a tour organization, you may have supplied the tour leadership or made […]

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Steering You to a Safe Motorcoach Company
May 16, 2018

Motorcoach travel is the most popular and cost-effective way for students to travel, yet not all motorcoach companies are created equal. Whether you’re working with a tour operator or planning a trip on your own, choosing a safe motorcoach company should be a top priority. “When you seek out a motorcoach operator, you need to […]

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Be a Smart Traveler!
May 9, 2018

I am often asked how to travel internationally safely. And when asked, I always suggest travelers should learn as much about their destination prior to traveling as possible. To help all travelers do just that, the State Department developed an app that helps them complete this important step—and much more. This can be a great […]

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